Some companies do it to save on their energy bills.  Some do it for improved building comfort.  Others do it to eliminate employee thermostat wars.  Most do it for all of the above. 

One of the great benefits of computers is their ability to automate and monitor the heating and cooling systems of your home and office.  Like the cruise control on your car, these systems maintain your building at an optimum temperature while minimizing energy usage.  They let your building ‘go to sleep’ at night and be ready in the morning when your employees arrive. 

Automation may be as simple as installing programmable thermostats or perhaps ones that communicate with your computer. For offices with small offices intelligent dampers can be installed for zoned temperature control.

Many buildings owners select an automation system that provides the powerful building advantages of an integrated information management system.  Big, small and everything in between, CCS offers the knowledge and specialized systems to handle your exact automation needs.

Small Building Solutions

Road Honeywell

CCS is proud to represent Honeywell's Light Commercial Building Solution (LCBS) line of products.  This family of products is ideally suited for churches, restaurants, custom homes, and small businesses desiring automation with a modest investment. 
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Medium-Large Building Solutions

CYLON LogoThe Cylon product line is the pinnacle of building automation systems.  With a wide array of generic and application specific controllers, this powerful family of products allows for the perfect solution to your building needs.  Read more












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